• User friendly

    ITA (Intelligent Tipping Assistant) is an onboard system that improves safety during tipping, giving the operator visual and audio alerts through a tablet or a smartphone in the cabin.

  • More safety

    The high-tech Binotto telescopic cylinder is the basis of ITA. Through its high accuracy sensors and integrated processing unit, ITA monitors the main critical factors for the safety and the stability of tipping vehicles before and throughout the whole tipping operation.

  • Full control

    At any time, the system detects useful information concerning the body status and the vehicle inclinations (‘pitch’ and ‘roll’) and promptly warns the operator when values exceed the safety limits set by the manufacturer.




A tablet (or an integrated monitor) is located in the cabin of each vehicle equipped with ITA.
The dedicated App running on the tablet displays the data processed by the ITA black-box installed in the vehicle with a simple and intuitive layout for a quick understanding.
User friendly graphic design has been developed to ensure a quick and easy interaction with ITA, allowing prompt risk detection to prevent damages.





The tablet works as a dashboard: in the middle of the screen a 3D image shows the real-time tipping inclination of the body.
Other dashboard indicators provide information about the vehicle stability: pitch (front-rear inclination) and roll (side inclination). They show the real-time updated status of the vehicle before and throughout the whole tipping and lowering operation.
All values are in green colour when the vehicle is working in safe conditions.
In case the colour of one or more values turns red, the vehicle is exposed to danger.
At the same time an audio alert also warns the operator of the risk.
The alerts stop once the vehicle is operating again within the set safety limits.



ITA is both a useful system for the operator to monitor the vehicle performances and conditions and an accurate source of information for remote monitoring and control. The data of every single operation (including those exceeding the safety limits) are recorded and sent to the server.

Management can easily access the data of each of the vehicles, detect their position (GPS system) and print or export a file report for periodical monitoring analysis. The vehicle performance can be checked and the type and frequency of any
dangerous operation can be reviewed in order to prevent non-compliant behaviors and improve efficiency and quality of work.


ITA is a versatile system suitable for any type of vehicle and tipping body, whether it be a tipping truck or a semitrailer: in all vehicles featuring an ITA system the ITA black box is preset according to the data of the related tipping body.

In case ITA is installed on a semitrailer, the operator will just indicate in the App time by time which prime mover he is going to use for it and the related data will be recorded in the black box.

  • Continuous monitoring of tipping operation
  • Better control of vehicle stability
  • Prevention of non-compliant operations
  • Prevention of overload-related risks
  • Prevention of risks related to materials not continuously/smoothly discharging
  • Greater safety for operators and tipping vehicles
  • Equipment optimization and efficiency
  • Improved quality of work
  • Increased productivity

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Binotto is a global brand of telescopic cylinders and
complete hydraulic systems for tipping vehicles.

It is a prestigious brand highly rated for reliable and top-quality design.
Binotto offers a vast quantity and variety of telescopic cylinders, with the widest range for capacity and product variations.
Binotto production plants are located in Dueville (Italy – Corporate Headquarters) Stanghella (Italy), Flores da Cunha (Brazil) and Wuxi (China).

Over 65 years old; serving more than 150 countries across the globe with subsidiaries, authorized dealers and specialized workshops; a team of more than 300 people; 50.000 square meters and a production capacity of more than 150.000 units per year.

The customer oriented and quality based culture of its staff allows Binotto to offer high-performance and long-lasting products as a standard. This is why today Binotto is recognized as global market leader.

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