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Wet kit hydraulic tanks

Binotto offers an extensive range of hydraulic oil tanks, in aluminum version.

Binotto wet kit hydraulic oil tanks are designed to properly suit to any type of tipping truck and tractor.


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Thanks to their versatile design, Binotto oil tanks are suitable both for SADDLE and UPRIGHT MOUNT VERSION. Bespoke mounting kits (brackets and straps) are available for both type of applications: just select which one you need.

They are also easy to fit and reliable in operation.


Our extensive range of hydraulic tanks is available in various sizes: within the international standard range for tipper applications, Binotto offers products from 18 gallon capacity up to a 53 gallon capacity, depending on their mounting position and on the type of vehicle application.

Beside their sleek design, they always include:

 - a 5” Sight Glass with temperature;

 - the steel cap;

 - a magnetic drain plug.


Alll our tanks are deisgned with return filter port which is available as an optional both in the easy fit or semisubmerged version.

The optional return line filter has a 25 micron filter as a standard (different specifications are available upon request).

Binotto also supply all spare parts for maintenance (such as filter elements) and optional additional components to be combined to the hydraulic reservoir for the specific vehicle/application (tipping valves, ball valves, hoses & fittings, adapters, filler cap extension, …).



Heating, oil oxidation, turbulences, … From decades of experience in the tipping industry, the shape as well as the internal fluid baffle structure and each and every component of Binotto hydraulic reservoirs is designed for reducing all these negative effects during operation and for maximizing its robustness and reliability, also preserving lifetime of the other hydraulic components of the tipping system.
Robotized laser welding, accurate machining and advanced technology together with proven designs make our oil tank selection the perfect choice for the industry.
With such an extensive range, we can surely accommodate your requirements with our current selection. If there is a size not shown that you require please contact our team

Our range of Oil tanks